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Important information you need to know about your website

When you have a website for your business there are some important things you need to know. Your website is an important part of your business and you really need to be in control of your own Intellectual Property (IP).

So many people do not know who their website is hosted with or where they bought their domain.

This arena can be really confusing especially when you aren’t sure what it all means. However, it is important that you know this information and that it is all setup under your own name.

In this blog I am going to explain in simple terms what things you need to know about with your website.


Your domain name

This one is really simple, your domain name is what people go to to visit your website. So for this website my domain name (or URL) is www.picassomediagroup.com.

Initially, this domain name would have been registered with a company (or domain registrant). This needs to happen for your website to be active.

Companies like Crazy Domains, GoDaddy, NetRegistry etc all have a place where you can register a domain name. When a domain is registered you will do this for a certain amount of time.

  • .com.au domains for example are registered for a minimum of two years. So in two years from when you register the domain you will need to re-register.
  • .com domains are for a minimum of one year. Again after that year you will need to re-register the domain name

When you register a domain, the domain company will provide you with logins (or you set them yourself) so that you can manage your domain/s.

When your domain comes up for renewal the domain company will email you reminders. Usually they start a month of two out to give you plenty of notice.

To ensure your website continues to work your domain MUST be registered before it expires.

If you don’t you can come up against problems.

What you need to know

  • what company your domain is registered with
  • your logins to manage your domain
  • keep your email address with them current so that you receive update notifications
  • renew your domain before it expires


Your Website Hosting

Your website hosting is where your website lives. Think of your domain name as the address of your house and the website hosting as the house where everything lives.

You need both your domain and hosting for your website to work.

When hosting is setup, logins will be provided by your web hosting company that will give you access to the control panel (where you manage your hosting).

Your hosting will usually be renewed every 12 months unless you have chosen to pay a monthly fee.  If you don’t renew you hosting when it comes up for renewal you can lose your website and all of the information on it. So you need to make sure that you don’t let your hosting expire.

This has happened to people I know who don’t have a backup of their website and then lost their information when their hosting expired. It was back to the drawing board.
Some hosts will keep backups for a month after your website expires, but it is best not to chance it.

Hosting companies will email you when it is due to expire so make sure you keep your contact details with them current.

What you need to know

  • who you hosting is with
  • when your hosting expires
  • your hosting logins
  • renew your hosting before it expires


Both should be in your name

Sometimes when you do a website your web developer will set up your domain and hosting for you. That is fine for them to help you, but please make sure everything is registered in your own name.

In particular the domain registration should always be in your name.

It can be really hard to transfer a domain into your name.

The name on the domain registration has control basically, so what happens if you fall out with your developer? Then how hard will it be to get control of your domain.


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