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How to Reset Your Password with WordPress

Forgetting your password is an easy thing to do, but don’t worry resetting your password is really easy to do in WordPress as well.

If you have forgotten your login then you simply go to your WordPress login page www.yourwebsite.com/login/ and underneath where you would login to your website is a hyperlink Lost Your Password?

lost wordpress password

Click on this link and it will take you to a page where you can input either your WordPress username or if you can’t remember that then put in your email address linked to your account.

username or email

After you do this click on the Get New Password button. This will then send you an email confirmation to your email for that user account.

In this email will be a link to click on in order for you to reset a new password. Click on this link and you will then be taken to this page, where you can create your own password.

Put in your new password and repeat the password, then hit Reset Password.

And that is it.. your password has been changed.

create new password


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