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How to come up with content for your blog


We love blogging and we recommend it to most of our clients who want to increase the traffic flow on their website. However, most of our clients worry that they can’t create any content. They don’t know what to write about or worry that they don’t have much to say about their business.

But guess what, it may seem overwhelming but if you simplify your content marketing system and follow our tips for creating content on your blog then you will be well on your way to more traffic.

You will never be stuck for topics on your blog.


Ask yourself what problems you are solving

  • What are the biggest issues potential clients will face that lead them to searching for your business?
  • What are some goals your potential clients will be trying to achieve?
  • What are their biggest challenges?

Get into the head of your potential customers and answer questions with some really great content. For example, what do I need to do to setup a website as a title for a blog post.


Using Google Analytics Statistics

When you go into your Google Analytics account for your website you can view the traffic statistics. You can look under the traffic sources and organic and then view the top search terms that people are coming to your website for.

You can then use this to create and optimise your content in the form of a blog post that fits in with these terms.


Google Suggest to Choose Blog Post Topics

This is a very little used tool but very cool to work out what you can write about in your blog posts. It will help you see related topics for search terms.

Using related search to create content
Using Google and related search to come up with content

For example, I have typed in how to use social media and it has given me a few related searches based on that search.

I can now use this little feature to create content topics. So I could decide to write a blog post on how to use social media for your business or how to use it effectively.

People love how to blogs and they mostly will type in ‘how to’ or ‘how do i’ into Google when trying to find content.

google related searches
Google related searches


Client and Prospect FAQ’s

Are there questions that constantly come up when you are chatting to potential new clients?

Go through your inbox or previous emails and see what people are asking you.

If there are you can use these to create blog posts or a YouTube video to answer the question.


Look at old content

The internet and business is changing rapidly now so make sure you go over your old content to see if there have been any developments. It is a perfect opportunity to stay relevant in Google and keep people up to date on new tricks and tools in your expertise.


Keep articles simple

When you start writing your articles make sure you keep it simple. Assume that people reading your blog don’t know anything about you, your business or what you are selling.

Once you have created your content and posted onto your blog, don’t forget that you need to share out through your communication channels.

Do you use Twitter or Facebook? Great then be sure to post the link to your page.

Share with your email marketing database with an email.

Start sharing your content and get it out there.



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