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How to add a contact form on your website using Gravity Forms

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add a contact form on your WordPress website using the contact form plugin Gravity Forms.

Click to read step by step instructions. 

Creating the Gravity Form

  1. Ensure Gravity Forms is installed and activated on your website
  2. Go to Forms > Add New Form
  3. Give the Form a title e.g. Contact Us Form
  4. Click create form
  5. Using the fields in the right hand side you can add in fields to your form (e.g. Name, Phone, Email etc).
    • You can do plain text fields, comment fields, drop downs, check boxes and much more
    • Plus you have pre-determinded fields under Advanced which allow you to choose Name, Email, Phone quickly
    • You can drag and drop your fields until you are happy with the order
  6. Click on Update form when you are ready to make the changes permanent

Set Up Email Notifications

You can setup Email Notifications under Form Settings.

  1. Select the Notifications option
  2. Click edit the Admin Notification
  3. Choose your email to send to (put in the email you wish to receive enquiries)
  4. Select the email from (this will display in your email Name field)
  5. Select the from email you want the form to come from (can be a standard email or the email of the person submitting the field)
  6. Choose a subject
  7. Then hit update notification

Add Your Contact Form to the Page

Once your contact form has been set up you need to add it to a page.

  1. You can create a new page or edit an existing page
  2. Choose where you wish your form to display
  3. Click on the Add Form button
  4. Then from the drop down choose your form
  5. You can use the options of adding the form title or the description if you wish
  6. Then click insert
  7. You will then see a shortcode on the page once you can see this you can click preview and your form will be on the page
  8. Click update to save your changes

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