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Create your own professional images for your website


Here is a simple and easy-to-follow tutorial for creating custom images for your website.

Creating your own images means you can use the images on your website and social media without worrying about copyright infringement.

Plus they will make your brand authentic without using stock images (not that there is anything wrong with stock images if that is what you want to use).

You will be creating your own visual content like a professional in no time.

What you need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint or another online editor (see references below)
  • Background image (see references below to get you started)

Free Stock Image Resources

UnSplash – www.unsplash.com

Fantastic images are uploaded to the site every 10 days. The photos also don’t have the ‘stock image’ feel to them which is great if you want to use different images.

The one used in the example above was from Unsplash.

Gratisography – www.gratisography.com

Free high resolution images to use for personal and commercial projects. They are a little stock looking but they are fantastic quality and there are some amazing shots to use.

Get creative with images

Your smart phone can be a great tool to assist with your marketing. When you are out and about get creative and take images that you can potentially use for your blog.

You can even get apps that add in filters so your image looks professional.

Best of all this is free!

Free Image Editors

PicMonkey – www.picmonkey.com

Pic Monkey is awesome online editing tool. Simply go to the website and you can open up your background on there.
Then you are able to add textures, overlay colours, add text and icons to the image.

Pixlr – www.pixlr.com 

An image editing software that mirrors the basic functions of Photoshop. This is great if you want to crop images to different sizes and add text over images.


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