The Handy Bloke branding project was one our bigger projects for 2012. The website itself wasn’t that big but as this was a new business the branding exercise included:

  • Naming the business
  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • DL Flyers
  • WordPress Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Places
  • Car and trailer branding

What the Client Wanted

Bruce wanted a simple but effective brand that would allow him to grow his business quickly. As it was a startup business the budget was limited so we looked at a mixture of offline (business cards and flyers) and online marketing (website, SEO, places and facebook).

What We Did

For this project we used a lot of different marketing techniques focussing mainly on the online area. Bruce did a letter box drop with his flyer around the local areas whilst we concentrated on the advertising online.

We really wanted to establish that The Handy Bloke was a really trusted company and that people would love working with The Handy Bloke, and see the business as a very down to earth and trustworthy person like Bruce.

We used Facebook Ads to quickly grow the Facebook page and really targeted this to people within 25 miles of Gosford. We also really concentrated on people who were single and also the older categories. The page grew from 30 followers to around 180 within 3 weeks.

We also did a lot of local marketing such as search engine optimisation and getting The Handy Bloke onto Google Places.

We also  make sure to get testimonials from his happy clients and put this out onto Facebook and the website. We even try and use before and after images on the Facebook page so that everyone can see the quality of work.

The Result

The Handy Bloke is now that busy that they are booked up with work nearly two months in advance. The enquiries are coming from a range of places now such as Facebook, the website, some local websites, the flyers and now word of mouth (which is even more powerful!).

They even have a few local Real Estate companies on board too which is fantastic for regular work.

So within the space of four months business is booming!

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