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Building credibility with your website


When you are building a website for a service based business you want to create a credible website that potential clients will want to buy from. Potential clients are only looking for two things when looking to work with a serviced based business:

  1. Trying to find an expert in that field
  2. Looking for someone who they can trust

Your website needs to be credible and fulfill BOTH of these requirements. If you can nail these two things with your message then you will have a higher change of getting more leads. My top tips for creating a credible website are.

Get Clear on Your Message

Here is where most people struggle but this is where you can really stand out from the crowd. When creating your website you should answer the following four questions:

1. Who you are

Use this area to demonstrate your background and your personality so that people understand exactly who you are, and why they might want to work with you. Don’t be shy but try not to be too over promotional and arrogant.

2. What you do

This probably something you are already doing, but really get into exactly what you can help people with. Treat this like a services page but give it some personality as well.

3. Why you do what you do

This is where you can really stand out from competitors. What is it that makes you do what you do? Why are you so passionate about your work and what do you love about helping your clients. Is there a reason as to why your method is different to competitors? Let your personality shine.

4. Your results

For this you need to use real results that you have achieved for your clients. Case Studies work amazingly well for this type of context on your website. Create a standard format that your case studies will follow – what the client’s problem was, what you implemented in their business, and the results after the fact. I also like to include a testimonial from that client to really add to the credibility. I can’t tell you how many requests for quotes I have received from case studies.

Credibility as an expert

This is where you get to show off your expertise in your field… please don’t go calling yourself a ‘guru’ it doesn’t help to build your credibility. You can include media snippets where you have been featured, any awards you have won and client testimonials.

Easy to contact

This sounds so simple but you would be surprised at how many websites and companies that don’t have an easy way for people to contact them. To be credible people want to see that they can get in touch with you if they have any questions or problems. Hiding your contact details just makes you seem inaccessible and will put people off.

Real People

For me if I am buying from someone online I want to know who it is that I am buying from. It adds a personal touch to your website that people love. This is one thing I learnt early on and have never looked back. When I did my own website for the first time (a long time ago now) it didn’t include my image. I have used a stock image instead. I had some feedback from someone I didn’t know on Twitter who reviewed my website. He had specifically said that he wanted to see a photo of ME and not a stock photo. That advice has stuck with me and something I still promote to my clients. If you don’t have a good photo then book in with a photographer and get some professionals shots done. They don’t cost as much as you think. If you have a team of people then get a team photo done. I promise it does wonders.

Spell check

I know this seems trivial and I am not being a grammar nazi but no matter how good you are at spelling and grammar, always be sure to have someone proof read your website. I assure you after you have been writing your content for a while you will miss mistakes. So have someone you trust check for errors and fix them.


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