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4 quick things you can do to speed up your WordPress website

The speed of your website can affect a lot of things on your website including your Google ranking in search results and also affect how long visitors stay on your website.

It is really important to monitor your website speed and how long it takes to load from a users point of view. The main idea is that you don’t want to be losing clients to other suppliers just because your website loads slowly. This is a great little tool called Pingdom and it will test how quickly your site takes to load.

Ideally your page should load at around 3-5 seconds but the average from Google seems to place the average site load time to be at around 6-7 seconds.

There are quite a few things you can do to decrease your page load times within WordPress.

Limit the amount of plugins

The more plugins your website uses the slower your website is going to load. So ideally if you can keep your plugins to the bare minimum that will help your website load faster.

If you have old plugins that you are not using make sure you delete these off your WordPress website.

It is also best to keep your plugins up to date and use the most recent version.


Delete Old Page Revisions

WordPress works using a database and all changes and revisions made to any of your blog posts or pages is stored in that database. The more revisions the longer your website will take to load.

For the non technical people there is a cool plugin called Better Delete Revision plugin. I used this on my website and after deleting 855 revisions my site load time decreased by more than 3 seconds.


Delete spam and trashed comments

Spam comments, particularly on blogs that have a large number of posts can really affect your site load time.

When a comment is spammed it will stay in your spam folder until deleted. So you will need to check this every now and then to remove the spammed emails.

Simply go to your Comments section and click on Spam. Then there is a button that says Empty Spam.

Repeat this process for your trash comments.


Install a Cache Plugin

When you load a website a lot of processes happen, from loading your written content to loading the images plus a lot of other processes that happen in the background.

These processes can really slow down your website when visitors try to access your website.

A cache plugin allows visitors to see a cache version of your website rather than processing these actions over and over each time someone views your website. This will decrease your load time really quickly.

I love the WP3 Total Cache plugin. Keep in mind when you are making large changes to your website you will need to clear the cache in WordPress to see any changes you have made.


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