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You CAN Build a Website You will Be Proud Of

You have this fantastic idea for a business, you have put a lot of hard work into the concept

and now you are ready to share it with the world.

However one thing is holding you back.

You know you need a website….

but you don’t have $1,000s to build a website with a web design agency.

You need an affordable option, but you also want to make sure that

your website is DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Because doing a website wrong in the first place can be a costly
mistake in the long run.

Our DIY WordPress eCourse will literally guide you through the process step-by-step.

From the first step of buying a domain name, to setting up your website and designing to suit your brand.

6 Steps to Your New Website!

1. The Basics

Let’s learn the first things you need to build a website. Before getting into the nitty gritty of building your site.

  • Buying your domain
  • Buying your hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Basic WordPress settings

2. Themes & Plugins

Then we will be getting to know what themes are and the must have plugins. We will also cover how to structure your pages in your site and how to add pages.

  • Install Themes
  • Install Plugins
  • Your overall sitemap
  • Adding pages
  • Adding posts
  • The WordPress editor

3. Divi Basics

The fun begins with styling the main elements of your site. I will show you how to use Divi and get your website on brand!

  • Divi Elements
  • Adding your logo
  • Styling the overall site
  • Setting up your brand colours
  • Introduction to Divi sections

4. The Homepage

The homepage is the most important page on your site. Let’s get your layout right the first time!

  • Homepage layout ideas
  • Set up a homepage site that converts

5. Inner Pages

Inner page layouts will display your services to potential clients and you need to get these right. We will cover

  • Good inner page layouts
  • Adding pages
  • Copying page layouts within Divi
  • Using Call to Actions to get clients


6. Optimise & Integrate

Learn how to fix common errors people make when setting up their websites and I will teach you to integrate things such as email signup forms and more!

  • Optimising your images
  • Manage your updates
  • Security on your site
  • Setup Mailchimp to increase conversions
  • Setup social media

What you will learn


Purchasing your domain name


Setting up your website hosting


Installing WordPress


Installing a WordPress theme


How to setup Divi WordPress theme


What makes a great homepage!


Adding your logo


Customising the website colours to your brand


Creating gorgeous page layouts


Creating your website menu


Uploading your content and images


Setting up your blog


Security and WordPress updates


Top plugins you need for your website

Plus much more! There are over 30 videos that will walk you through each step of creating your very own website!


Worksheets & Checklists

Years Experience Building Websites

So why would you want to learn WordPress from someone like me?

I am Nicole Hammett, owner and head designer here at Picasso Media.

Let me tell you I was once where you were.

Back in early 2008 I started up my Virtual Assistant business. I had a fantastic business concept but minimal cash to invest into a website… well anything in my business… let alone a website.

I knew from everything I had come across that I needed a website – I was using Twitter and Facebook but I felt that I wasn’t going to get far without a website.

I had read a lot in forums about WordPress and thought I would give it a go. With the little money I did have I purchased a domain and my website hosting and then spent hours upon hours researching how to actually install WordPress. It was a long haul but I finally worked it out.

From there I purchased a theme and designed my website. One of my current clients took note and asked me to design a website for her. As I was willing to give anything a go and she was happy for me to do it for her as a test case, I said YES!

I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made for my business. More clients kept asking me to do websites for them, and then referrals came off the back of that.

Fast forward to today and I am now running a hugely successful web design company for the past 9 years. I have personally built over 250 websites, could even be higher. I spent a lot of time and effort into learning the tricks of the trade and now enjoy helping my clients build their business and getting more traffic to their website. The difference it can make to someones life when I help them double (or triple) their enquiry rates is so rewarding. I love that I am helping to really transform my clients businesses.

I have made nearly every mistake in the book when it comes to business and learnt what works and what doesn’t work with websites

I can’t wait to teach you these things so that you can save time and get your website right the first time.

What People Are Saying!

A huge thank you to Nicole for her expert WordPress training! I found myself staring at the WordPress with Divi desktop with no idea of how to create my website. I’d nearly convinced myself I’d made a big mistake changing platforms but I reached out to Nicole for help. She spent an hour with me online and talked me through the WordPress desktop and Divi theme. After that hour of instruction, I had enough knowledge to create my webpage. I’m looking forward to undertaking more WordPress training with Nicole in the future! Louise Strachen

The Online Office

Ready to Get Started?

Join me for the first round of this eCourse! Get the pre-launch special price with the eCourse starting Tuesday 12th December!

Optional Extra: 6 Week SEO eCourse for Small Business Owners

This comprehensive 6-week SEO eCourse will take you step-by-step through the basics of driving more traffic to your website. You will learn exactly how Google reads your website and what you can optimise on your website to get your page as close to page one as possible (if not on page one).

Each week is broken down into easy to follow content including videos, worksheets, checklists and more!

The SEO eCourse runs through the exact process I use to get my clients to page number one on Google. So this is a tried and tested process!

The course is designed to do over 6 weeks, however you can do the course at your own pace and you get life-time access to the course so you don’t have to stress if you fall behind.

SAVE $200 When you purchase with our WordPress eCourse!

Plus these Amazing Workbooks & Checklists

45-Point Homepage Checklist

Get the homepage that will convert you clients. This is a tried and tested format.

Website information

Keep all the information you need for your website together with our little black book of website information.

SiteMap Checklist

Have the most organised website in town with our sitemap to help you organise your website structure – before you start building!

Website Planner

Get clear on your website and what you want it to do with our Website Planner!

Content Planner

Don’t miss anything on your pages again! We have you covered with the content planner to easily create the wording for your website!

Logo Planner

Still to work out your brand? We can help with your logo planner that you can give to your designer to ensure your logo is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any coding knowledge?
No you don’t need any coding knowledge. The eCourse will be using Divi which is a theme that comes with a page builder to allow you to create many different layouts.
What do I need to do the eCourse
You will need the following to do the eCourse (or at least to be able to build your website). A domain name, website hosting and the Divi Theme. This will cost you around $200 AUD depending on which providers you decide to use.

All of this will be covered in the eCourse and will have different price levels depending on needs.

How long will the eCourse take me?
I would recommend around 6 hours to watch the videos and to implement.

To actually add your content and design your pages a little longer but will vary depending on the size of the sites.

Ready to Get Started?

Join me for the first round of this eCourse! Get the pre-launch special price with the eCourse starting Tuesday 12th December!

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