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Website payment plans

Don’t have the cash flow for the upfront lump sum required for a website design package? Let our team help you get your website online and quickly. We now offer payment plans so you can kickstart your website design package. 

It’s simple.

All we ask is that you pay a small lump sump (generally 25% of the total package).  Then, we’ll divide the balance amount evenly over 6 monthly repayments. 

We have teamed up with EzyPay to make your payments easy during the process. You choose your credit card and they will debit this every month during your website payment plan.

It is that simple!

We don’t ask for any credit checks we just simply ask that your website is hosted on our hosting until the end of your payment plan. Then you can choose what hosting provider you use (of course we would love you to stay on our hosting platform).

Repayments start immediately and as mentioned, have to be transferred using EzyPay.

Website Payment Plans

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Payment Plan Details

Terms and Conditions

  1. We require a 25% deposit upfront.
  2. You agree to transfer the remaining balance monthly via direct debit.

Additional Fees and Terms

All website payment plants incur an additional fee of 2.5% to cover administration costs and fees.

Conditions until full payment is made:

  • Picasso Media Group retains full ownership of the website.
  • The customer will have restricted access but will still be able to make changes to website content.
  • The website needs to be hosted on Picasso Media hosting until the payments have been made in full.
  • If the website payment plan fails to be adhered to and the customer is late with repayments for 30 days, we will take the website offline until the debt is fully paid.
  • Please do note that if payments are late by 30 days, the rest of the outstanding amount will be due instantaneously.


Early Payout

If you wish to pay out your website payment plan early that is fine. We do not charge any early payout fees, we just ask that you let us know 7 days prior to your next payment.

We can adjust your final figure for your next payment.

Once the payment is made the website will be owned completely by you and we will give you full administrative rights to the website.

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