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Why tradies need good web design

Tradies – it is important to have professional web design on your website.

Today so many people access the internet for information on tradies so you need a website that is clear and concise, one that is easy to read, easy to navigate, where a customer can read reviews and understand your service – what you do and what you offer. It doesn’t matter if you are a mechanic, a plumber or any other professional tradie you need a website that focuses on your trade and your trade only.

Don’t make your website too complicated – you need to cover all the *essentials* so your customers can find the answer they needs – you want your website to be a step above all your competition, you need to grab your customers and tell them why you are the best tradie for the job.

Look at your homepage – it’s the first introduction to you and your business your customers will see – it needs to encourage your audience to look over the website. The design should be to the point, clean uncluttered and without huge blocks of text to read, your additional pages need to be easy to use and you need a logical lay-out to help customers find what they want.

On your pages list the products and services you offer – let customers know what you are qualified to do, but that you can do more and encourage customers to contact you to find out more – via your contact page.

Your About Us page is also critically important here you will tell customers your years in business, the experience you have – list licences, certificates, awards, anything that makes you the stand out tradie in your field. Here is where you sell yourself while giving customers an idea of who you are, if you offer discounts list them here.

Customer reviews, testimonials, or feedback, photos from past jobs anything that gives your customers an idea of your business and how you work give your customers a chance to know more about what you can do.

Every tradie needs a good, well designed and quality website, if you don’t have one yet – what are you waiting for?

Need help? We have website solutions for your trade company

Want to avoid these mistakes? Then get in touch with our team to see how we can create you a tradie website that really works. Find out more about our web design services for tradesman here.


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