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Signs you need a new website


Your website is not responsive

If your website isn’t mobile responsive or extremely hard for people to use on mobiles it is a very good sign that you should think about a new one. A responsive website is one that shows up on different size devices such as a mobile, tablet and then desktop. The website displays different depending on which device a website visitor is using.

According to the ACMA (2021) 93% of Australians used a mobile phone to go online in the 6 months to June 2021. This means that if your website isn’t mobile responsive you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

mobile responsive website design

Your website is slow to load

People want things to load quickly and will leave websites if they take too long to load. Google is now using speed load times as a ranking factor in mobiles. Google believes that more than half of users will leave if a website takes more than three seconds to load, so this is a huge reason to look to either optimise your current site or create a new design.

A quick way to test is to use the Google Speed Test. This will give you a great idea on how fast or slow your website loads and quick things you can do to improve your speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights

You can’t update your own content

Every website we create allows our customers to update their own content. It can be really frustrating to need to make small changes to your website but not be able to. Not only that you need to go back to your old designer and you get charged each time you need to make a change.

Picasso Media Central Coast design websites using the WordPress Content Management system which means that every aspect of your website you have control of. We offer training sessions at the end of each website project and have a video library of smaller tasks you can complete without needing us.

WordPress Content Management System

The website doesn’t suit your brand anymore

If you have recently updated your branding then it could be a great time to revisit a new website design. Your marketing materials should all be aligned and so your website is a very important part of your marketing mix.

You definitely want to be sending consistent messaging from all parts of your marketing, so to avoid confusion if you have redesigned your brand then its important to update the website. That said if you feel that your entire brand could use a refresh then why not look at a new logo and website to really tell your story.

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