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10 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

Website Mistakes to Avoid 2024

Your website is your online home and the best way to present your business 24/7.  You want it to be welcoming, easy to navigate, and a true reflection of your style. But sometimes, in the excitement of creating something amazing, we stumble into some common mishaps that can make our website less inviting.

Here are my top 10 10 website mistakes to avoid in 2024 if you are a small business.

1. Forgetting about Mobile Users

Our phones are practically extensions of ourselves these days. Neglecting to make your website mobile-friendly can leave a huge chunk of your audience out in the digital cold.

For new websites, mobile-responsiveness should be a given. However, for older websites many don’t display correctly on the phone and this can be detrimental to your website. If your website is hard to use on the phone people will click away and they won’t get in touch with you.

2. Speed Bumps

Ever waited for a site to load and ended up feeling like it took an eternity? Yeah, nobody likes that.

Optimise your site to load lightning-fast, so your visitors stick around. You should be aiming for less than 3 seconds for your page to load.

The biggest thing to slow down websites are images that are huge as they can take a large amount of time to load. Make sure to optimise your image sizes at a minimum to keep your site load time down.

3. Navigational Headaches

Imagine walking into a store with no signs. Confusing, right?

Keep your website navigation simple and clear. Visitors should know exactly where to find what they’re looking for without needing a treasure map.

Avoid using fancy names for important pages such as your contact page. Make it super easy for people to know what you are talking about and where they need to go on your website.

Your potential clients will thank you.

4. Content Quirks

Content is king, but not just any content. Quality matters.

Keep it engaging, error-free, and relevant. Good content keeps your visitors coming back for more.

Ensure your pages have a decent amount of wording, broken up by headings to allow people to skim read what you do. This will allow people to quickly determine if you can help them.

You also want to organise your content to focus on one or two things per page. This will help keep things simple and easy to follow for your customers. Plus having a page per service can really help with your search engine efforts.

5. SEO Neglect

Who doesn’t want to be besties with Google?

Ignoring SEO means missing out on potential visitors. Get friendly with keywords and optimise your site to be search-engine savvy.

You don’t have to get really technical but you want to have enough wording on your website, plus you want to mention your services and where you are located (this is particularly important for local SEO).

6. Analytics Amnesia

It’s like driving blindfolded; you need to know where you’re headed.

Analyse your site’s performance to understand what’s working and what needs tweaking.

If you don’t we recommend having Google Analytics at a minimum. It is a free tool and it is fairly easy to install on most websites. This will allow you to see who is coming to your website, where from and what they are using to look at your website.

This data can be really helpful when creating marketing materials for your website.

7. Security Blunders

No one wants a house with a flimsy lock, right? Secure your website.

Regular updates and strong security measures protect both your site and your visitors’ info. You will need to have a SSL Certificate at a minimum and this can be done via your website hosting supplier. Many even provide this for free (though its a minimal cost anyway to ensure your site is secure and protects your customers).

8. CTA Clarity

CTA or a Call to Action is necessary on any website. You want to tell your potential customers the next step tp take with you.
A website without a clear call-to-action is like inviting guests over but forgetting to tell them where the snacks are! Guide your visitors toward their next step with a clear and enticing CTA.

9. Brand Identity Mix-ups

Consistency is key when it comes to branding for any business. 

Keep your branding consistent across your website to build trust and make sure visitors recognise you wherever they land. Ensure your fonts, colours and style are all the same across your website and all marketing.

10. UX Oopsies

Ever stumbled through a website like a clumsy ninja? Bad user experience can send visitors running. Keep it clean, simple, and enjoyable for a seamless journey.

Steering clear of these website faux pas will keep your online home warm and inviting. Regularly give your site a little TLC, stay updated on the latest trends, and watch your digital space become the hotspot of the internet!

Remember, a friendly, easy-to-navigate website isn’t just attractive, it’s like a warm hug to your visitors.



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