Current as at 1st March 2018

1. Picasso Media Group Intellectual Copyright:

Picasso Media Group holds intellectual copyright of any material, including, solution designs, source code and original images created for the client until payment of the final invoice. At this time we will transfer this intellectual copyright to the client. All website quotation and costing documents are supplied on a confidential basis and permanently remain the Intellectual property of Picasso Media Group. NOTE. Picasso Media Group does not release PSD format files of any work unless otherwise stated and agreed.

2. Clients Responsibilities with Regard to Copyright:

(a) In situations where the client provides images, text, animations, layouts or any other content for their website they are legally responsible for ensuring that this material does not infringe any copyright or other laws.

(b) Certain materials including images and font licenses provided by Picasso Media Group may have been purchased under license from stock image suppliers. These images are generally only licensed for use on a website. The license may not permit them to be used in publicity material. The website owner is legally responsible for ensuring that this does not happen. If you wish to use any images from the site for other purposes please contact us for clarification.

3. Non Solicitation of Picasso Media Group’s Staff:

(a) The Client must not, and must ensure that its Related Corporations do not, for any reason, during the term of the Agreement or within twelve months after its termination, directly or indirectly induce, solicit, engage or employ (or procure the inducement, solicitation, engagement or employment of) any officer, employee or contractor of Picasso Media Group unless the Client or its Related Corporation has obtained Picasso Media Group’s prior written consent.

(b) If the Client or any of its Related Corporations directly or indirectly induces, solicits, engages or employs (or procures the inducement, solicitation, engagement or employment of) any officer, employee or contractor of Picasso Media Group, the Client must pay a placement fee of A$60,000 (exclusive of GST) to Picasso Media Group for each officer, employee or contractor it has induced, solicited, engaged or employed (or procured the inducement, solicitation, engagement or employment of) , which the Client acknowledges is a fair and reasonable estimate of the cost to Picasso Media Group of replacing each such officer, employee or contractor of Picasso Media Group.

4. Internet Marketing:

If internet marketing services (SEO, SEM, PPC etc) has not been agreed as part of the contract the client must be aware that Picasso Media Group is not responsible for ongoing web site promotion. Should the client require the site to be promoted on an ongoing basis a separate contract must be agreed. The order in which websites are ranked in the natural search results is controlled by the search engines. While we can implement some optimising measures in the initial design and build stag of the website, it is impossible to make any guarantees on ranking position. Extra to this Picasso Media Group cannot guarantee any website ranking positioning for any key words under any conditions. This is a result of the varying nature of the search engine algorithms, and also a result of external factors determining ranking positioning, such as the clients own authored content.

5. Registration charges:

All third party costs shall be met by the client unless otherwise stated.

6. Cancellation:

Due to the nature of the services, Picasso Media Group will not issue refunds of deposits for any reason. We set aside time to complete projects once a deposit has been made and as we only take on limited projects cancellations do affect our timelines and potential income.

Should the client wish to cancel the project after payment of any first deposit amount, then any initial project deposit amounts are non-refundable. Should the client wish to cancel at any other point during the process they shall remain liable for the work that has taken place and shall be invoiced accordingly.

7. Conceptualising:

Conceptualising is the process of producing website page concepts for clients. Concepts can also include banner mock ups and icon mock ups. Picasso Media Group have provided a rigorous information and requirements gathering phase prior to the actual design stage, and it is intended that this phase will allow Picasso Media Group to understand the clients design requirements. As a result only two home page or interface concept designs will be supplied, and then there will be provision for revisions. These revision requests are limited to altering or adding parts to the chosen concept, and cannot constitute as a request for a new concept. Revisions can only be requested during the stated design phase of the project, unless the design phase has been extended due to Picasso Media Group delays. Requirement for additional concepts or works outside of the designs phase will be quoted as extra.

8. Payment:

Our preferred method of payment is via Direct Deposit. Credit cards are accepted.

  • All jobs under $1,000 require upfront payment.
  • All jobs over $1,000 require 50% deposit (unless confirmed otherwise). We must receive the first deposit prior to any work beginning.

9. Hourly Rates:

Should you require any work completed outside of agreed projects we bill at our current hourly rate. The current hourly rate as of March 2018 is $120/hour including GST.

10. Final Payments:

Upon completion your website Picasso Media  will invoice for the remaining monies outstanding. Payment in full is required prior to Picasso Media Group providing access to the website.  Once payment has been made Picasso Media Group will provide you with your logins and also your WordPress user manual.

11. Questionnaire and Drafts:

All clients must fill out a New Project Questionnaire design spec. The answers and examples provided act as a design compass to determine style, colours and preferences. Please fill this out thoroughly and thoughtfully. Failure to do so will make your project design guesswork. Web design include up to 3 revisions. Additional drafts will be done at an hourly rate of $120 per hour.

12. Communication:

Design progress requires client acceptance and communication at frequent intervals. If the client fails to respond in a reasonable time frame to requests for general feedback and design dialogue, that project may be delayed until a time when regular communication is possible. Consultation, training and orientation generally take place via Skype.

13. Changes:

Designs are done on a test website, and client approval of the final design is given before the site goes live. Changes made after this point will be charged the regular hourly rate.

14. Browser Compatibility:

Designs are created to be compatible with the most recent release of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer at the time the website goes live. Clients are responsible for running the most current version of the preferred browser before the design process begins.

Picasso Media Group make no guarantee that designs will work properly on outdated or obscure web browsers. Currently designs are guaranteed on Safari 3 and above, IE 8, Firefox 3 and above and Chrome (which updates automatically).

15. Liability:

Picasso Media does not guarantee sales or success of websites or blogs. Clients are responsible for sales, promotion and income, and Picasso Media are not liable for business or personal blog success.

16. Website and Marketing:

Client agrees that design projects may be featured on Picasso Media blogs, websites or promotional materials.

A link to our website must remain on your website when using our designs.

17. Acceptance of Terms

By submitting your the questionnaire and paying your deposit, you agree to the terms and conditions of your project with Picasso Media Group. Whilst we do ask for a signed contract we do take payment of deposit as agreement to these terms.  You are responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions listed here.

18. Support after website goes live

Your website will release software updates periodically, unless you subscribe to our monthly maintenance support option then the updates are your sole responsibility.

Picasso Media will not be held responsible for any issues that arise from updating software or if you don’t keep your website up to date.

Charges apply should we need to fix any issues for you (if you decline ongoing support options).

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