In late 2011 Facebook announced the introduction of iFrame applications as the preferred method to create custom tabs on Facebook. Previously people were using the old Facebook coding language Static FBML. It brought up a lot of questions as to whether or not Facebook will be keeping FBML or not.

In March 2012, they announced that they will be removing any FBML tabs from Facebook as of the 1st June 2012.

Those 3 months have passed and it is now time to transfer any of your old Facebook FBML tabs over to the new format of iFrames.

So what are the requirements?

The new iFrames are definitely a little more involved but the potential of what you can do on the tabs is so much greater now, it is definitely worth the effort.

  • A custom application tab will need to be created
  • You need to have a custom HTML that is then stored on a server (website hosting or similar)
  • Your custom application tab files must be stored on a server that has secure HTTPS

Don’t be worried, this is a good thing

I know people are finding all the changes on Facebook a little frustrating but this change is most definitely for the better. The old FBML tabs were very unreliable and had a lot of bugs.

The new HTML iFrame Apps will work so much better and you basically have a small version of your website on your Facebook page now.

You can use Free Apps if you wish

There are several free apps out there which help with the new format, however, keep in mind you are still using a third party application and you will need to stay up to date on what they are doing.

Here are a couple of apps you can use.

  • Static HTML – iFrames App
  • Wildfire iFrames for Pages

Need Help?

If you need help converting your page tabs over to the new format please let us know.

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