To get started using Google Plus for business you first need to set up your Google Plus personal profile.

When you are ready to start you can head to

You then need to choose a category that suits your business, whether you are a local business, product or brand or a company.

GooglePlus Select Business Category

We have selected that we are a Company or Organisation.

After this choose your business sub-category for this setup we have chosen Consulting and Business Services as the most relevant. It is really important to get your category as close as possible to allow for better and more relevant searching.

Choose the sub-category from the menu and hit Next.

Google Plus Business Subcategory

Now you can name your page and put in your basic information such as your website, plus you can choose your page classification (any user, 18 years and over etc).

Then hit Continue.

Google Plus Page Name

Now comes the fun part in this area you can upload a cover image and then a profile picture to suit your brand.

Image Dimensions are:

  • Cover 890px by 180px
  • Profile 250px by 250px

Choose some keywords (these are great for search in Google Plus) so make sure they are relevant for your page.

Then add in some other ways people can contact you phone, email and address.

Google Plus Page Designs

Once you are done with that you can see your brand new Google Plus page.

You can simply hit Finish and you are done.

Google Plus Finished Page

For extra SEO benefits and for that of your clients you can also put in some more detailed information in the introduction section. Click on Edit Profile

Then click on the About tab, and all you have to do is click on the Intro section and put in your information.

There is also another section there to put in other links such as your blog or other social media sites.

Google Plus Intro

Once done hit Finish Editing. You are now ready to use your Google Plus page.


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