Did you know that Facebook have been clamping down on businesses using Personal Profiles to promote their businesses. We are seeing more and more businesses using personal profiles as a business, which actually goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service.

This mainly happens when people don’t know any different. We have seen some examples where Facebook actually closes these profiles down for violating their terms of service!

The main reason Facebook enforces this is to prevent spam!

Simply put, a Business Account cannot send ‘friend requests’ and cannot view the information in the profiles of those that ‘like’ their page. There is clearly more to the equation than just this but essentially it’s about keeping Facebook users playing within the rules and about all of us maintaining a level of professionalism in the way we use Facebook to promote our businesses.

It is our view that spam is not and never will be acceptable if you’re serious about authentic growth online.

So why use a Business Account?:

  • More functionality in design. You get to use a custom profile picture that represents your business and you can also create pages that specifically suit your business and the way you market online.
  • You can interact with your ‘fans’ by using applications, forums and quizzes and even by offering downloads.
  • Your personal profile can be kept separate from your Business Fan page – if you want to keep your weekend endeavors under wraps!

Facebook offer a migration tool to help those who have set up their profile incorrectly. This enables you to convert to a business page.

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