Does your website give you enough leads?

And, I am talking about ACTUAL CUSTOMERS not just traffic to your website.

If you are like most of my clients you have worked really hard to get your business up and running. All the time you spent working on your ideas for products and services. The blood, sweat (and sometimes tears) for you to start your business and launch your website into the big, large online world and NOTHING.

Only your mum and a few friends visit. It is frustrating.

You know that you need traffic but some of the courses out there are long, sound boring and frankly a little overwhelming with all their technical talk. You want something that is comprehensive, step by step, jargon free and short enough to get your results fast but long enough to cover everything you really need.

The basics of getting the type of traffic you want to your website. And that is going to help you increase your customers and leads.



Small business owners sick of paying high prices for SEO


People who want to add another service offering


You run an eCommerce store and want to optimise your site

The Small Business SEO eCourse

This comprehensive 6-week SEO eCourse will take you step-by-step through the basics of driving more traffic to your website. You will learn exactly how Google reads your website and what you can optimise on your website to get your page as close to page one as possible (if not on page one).

Each week is broken down into easy to follow content including videos, worksheets, checklists and more!

The SEO eCourse runs through the exact process I use to get my clients to page number one on Google. So this is a tried and tested process!

The course is designed to do over 6 weeks, however you can do the course at your own pace and you get life-time access to the course so you don’t have to stress if you fall behind.

The SEO eCourse Modules


This week we will get you started with Search Engine Optimisation. This will give you a really good understanding of the basics of what needs to be done during the course. What is SEO? And how to create an SEO strategy.


To be successful in increasing your traffic you need to monitor what you are doing. Having benchmarks help you work out what strategies are working and what needs to be worked on. In this module we cover how to setup Google Analytics and how to analyse all of the traffic results.


Week three will be all about keyword research. In this module you will learn exactly how to choose the right keywords and phrases to target that are relevant to your business.


This week we will be covering what you need to do on your website. This includes:
Plugins and tools to use on your website. Creating effective on page meta-tags and title-tags and how to review your content and improve the wording on your website so Google will love your website.



Blogging is one of the greatest ways to improve traffic on your website, but what do you write about? In this module, we will assist you in coming up with ideas for your blog that will increase your traffic to your website. This module will also include strategies on how to turn readers into leads and potential clients.


Getting traffic to your website is an ongoing process. In this module we will cover strategies that you can use on an ongoing basis to keep your website ranking well in Google.

About Nicole Hammett

I have been running successful web design companies for the past 9 years. My favourite thing about web design is helping my clients build their business and getting more traffic to their website. The difference it can make for some businesses by doubling their enquiry rates can really transform some people’s lives.

I have helped many businesses (particularly smaller local businesses) get onto Page 1 of Google over the past 8 years. Some have even asked me to stop their website as they are getting too many leads.

Its a great problem to have 🙂

I hope to see you on the other side!

What’s Included in this SEO eCourse?

Weekly modules straight to your inbox each week


A course workbook so you can track your progress

Over 25 video tutorials

Access to me directly and other members of the course in the exclusive Facebook group.

SEO resources and tool

Join today and start your SEO eCourse right away


When does the course start?

The SEO eCourse starts when you join up. So you can start when you are ready. Don’t worry as you will have lifetime access to the course.

Do you guarantee page one?

No unfortunately we can’t guarantee page one. In fact any company that guarantees page one you should be wary about. Getting to page number one is affected by many variables, many of which will be taught in this course.

Does my site need to be on WordPress?

No, whilst some of the tools we use on the website are relevant to WordPress all the techniques for SEO are the same and anything we recommend you can do on any website platform.

I am not overly technical minded.. will this course scare me?

No, absolutely not. We break down all the information as much as we can and speak to you in really simple and easy to follow terms. We won’t use a lot of jargon – because we want you to understand the whole SEO process.

I don't use WordPress for my website. Can I still do this course?

Absolutely, some things may differ in terms of how you would made updates on your site. But the principles still remain current across any platform.

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