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Missing out on traffic to your website?


When it comes to websites traffic is king.

Your new website is looking amazing but when you check your analytics there is nothing there.. no traffic just crickets…

It is no longer the case of build it and they will come. You need to optimise your website to ensure maximum chance that potential clients are actually going to find your business.

Because there are people out there searching for services and products that you offer. You just need to put in the work first.


Here are some basic quick tips for improving your site’s SEO yourself:

1. One Focus Keyword

We recommend choosing one keyword per page so that you can really focus on getting traffic for that keyword. Long keywords are best.

For example a long keyword includes four or more words in the search phrase. Small Business SEO packages is a great example of a longer keyword. Or


2. Unique Title Tag for each page

This is the title link that shows up when people search in Google. The title tag is the blue link that will show people what your website is about. You want to include your focus keyword from point 1 in this section.

seo title tags


3. Descriptions that will entice people to click

Refer to the graphic above. We are taking about the paragraph under your Google title. This is an advertisement about what you do. Ensure that you make the description relevant to each of your pages. And ideally include your keyword in there once.


4. Include decent copy

It is a fact that Google reads websites by scanning your written text. So if you don’t have any text on your home page then how will Google know what you do?

Try and include at least 200-300 words on your homepage and include your keyword within this text. Just ensure that your keyword is written naturally rather than just throwing in your keyword for the sake of it.


5. Optimise your images

Particularly important on image heavy websites!

Google reads words not images. But there are some things you can do to help Google know more about your images. The alt-text tag shows Google what is in your image. For example our image below has the alt-tag ‘SEO Cheatsheet’ to ensure that Google knows what the image is advertising.


Set aside an hour this week to ensure that your website is going to work well for you.

P.S. If the thought of doing SEO makes you feel sick or you just are to busy in your business to DIY, then get in touch with us to chat about our Small Business SEO packages.


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