The cycle of business goes in waves. Sometimes you are on top and loving it! Then other days you might hit a block (mental or physical) that can affect your business mojo in a huge way.

Perhaps you have lost a big client or a project hasn’t gone as planned. Or you might have a few things in your life that is affecting your mindset in your business. You have found yourself into a business rut and you could be struggling to get yourself out of it.

Don’t worry we have all been there and never fear, this is totally normal! If you have not hit a block in your business yet then kudos to you that is awesome.

Sometimes things in your life or situations in your business can throw you for a six and make you lose focus. Nothing is going to run smoothly all the time.

However how much the rut will affect your business all comes down to how you handle the situation and how long you let this affect your mindset.

So here are my top tips to get back on top and move forward in your business.

Look at what is causing the rut

Ok the first step to moving on is looking at what is causing the issue. Perhaps it is a cashflow issue or perhaps it is something in your sales process that might not be going well.

Acknowledge it and then move on for now. We will be making plans in the next few steps so that you can fix the issues.

If you need to, call a friend or colleague and have a little vent to them.

Once you have done this its time to start taking ACTION.


Take a break

This one is simple. Do you ever go into overwhelm mode when you are stressed or you feel like you are losing your mojo?

I know I do!

So the easiest way to beat this overwhelm is to take a break. I know it might be hard to take a long break so just take an hour and look after YOU. Go for a walk or go to the gym. I always find physical activity is great for the soul and your mind.

This will help you get refocussed and ready to get back into work when you get back.


Make a List

Closely linked to the overwhelm, when faced with a hard situation in business I tend to start to procrastinate and this does no good for anybody! Procrastination is bad so the best thing to do is to make a list.

I love writing out my to-do list onto paper and get everything out of my head. Go through your inbox and get everything into a list so you can prioritise.

Then slowly start working through the priorities one thing at a time. If you see something on the list you know you will procrastinate on do that first. The important thing is to just start and to keep going. Once you get started you will feel great and productive.

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: If you have trouble focussing still grab a timer. Turn everything off that can distract you like your phone, your email and social media. Set your timer for 50 minutes and do not stop working until your timer goes off. Then have a 10 minute break and start again.


Schedule a planning day

I love this tip and this is great for getting your motivation back.

Look at your diary and book half a day or a full day business planning day. Find somewhere OUTSIDE of your office that you will find inspiring to go and work at. I love going to my local cafe and sitting in the sunshine.

Again make sure all distractions are switched off so that you can focus. I mean it do not check your emails whilst there. Set your out of office on and get a Virtual Assistant to take care of any emails for you while you are out of the office so you don’t have to stress.

I promise that the world will not stop when you take one day to work ON your business.

Map out a plan for your next 3 months and goals that you want to achieve.

If you do this regularly it might mean revisiting the goals you have set and make sure they are still in alignment with your business and you goals.


Join a Mastermind

Sometimes it helps to mingle with other business owners. I  always come away feeling inspired and motivated to make changes in my business.

Masterminds are great ways to do this and finding the right Mastermind can have an exponential change on your business.

If you are unsure how to find a Mastermind ask around colleagues or simply create your own. Find people who you think would complement and inspire each other. Then set aside a little time per month to meet up.

I find that face to face Masterminds always beat out any online masterminds. I love online but you can’t beat the live interaction and inspiration that you will get from a face to face mastermind.


These tips should have you well on your way back to motivation town.

Do you have any other tips to help with motivation? I would love to hear your tips so leave your comment below.

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