WordPress Mini eCourse

A quick start course to learn the basic foundations of building your own website.

Elevate your basic website knowledge

7 Introductory Videos

including the following topics.

What is WordPress
WordPress.org or .com
Website Hosting
Secure Websites
WordPress Install
WordPress Settings

Empower yourself by learning the basics to WordPress.

This WordPress Mini eCourse gives you a great overview of what you need to build your own WordPress website.

WordPress is what I use for my clients to create powerful and visually appealing websites that get traction and results. It is a great platform that is scalable and allows your website to grow with your business.

This mini-course is full of step-by-step guidance over 7 mini-lessons that cover everything from what WordPress is, choosing your domain name, setting up website hosting and how to Install WordPress.

This course is the first module of my full “Learn WordPress eCourse“.

This course, however, is all you need to get started on setting up WordPress on your website hosting account and the basic settings. It is a taster of building your own website but also gives you the absolute basics you need to get things happening.

For information on themes and overall design and full setup then you are welcome to enrol in my WordPress eCourse.

Are you ready to get started?