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Reduce your Facebook Clutter with Interest Lists

If you are like me, then your Facebook feed is getting more and more cluttered with information (both from personal friends and business pages).

It can sometimes be very time consuming when you jump on Facebook and it is very easy to get distracted!

Here is a great tip on how to manage the huge amount of posts that are on Facebook in your news feed. The answer is the under-utilised Interest Groups.

Interest Groups are an easy way to direct traffic into certain groups. As an example, I have created a group just for Central Coast Businesses, which allows me to see what is happening on Facebook with that group. You can create your own groups and add in friends and business pages relevant to that group. When I go onto Facebook if I want to skip the usual busy news feed and just see what is happening on the Central Coast I can just click onto the interest group in my side menu.

The menu will only show one of two of the most used groups. Just hover over the header if you don’t see the group you want to see and click MORE.


Add An Interest List

It is really easy to create your own interest lists, either under that interest, section click on Add Interests or when you have clicked into more there is a button in the top right Add Interests.

When you click on Add Interests there are three things you can do:

  • Create your own list
  • Search for already created lists
  • Follow suggested lists that Facebook thinks you might like


Creating a New Interest List

Under Add Interests, we have selected to create our own list and you can choose from Pages, Friends or Following (people you have subscribed to).



You select these people you wish to add and hit Next.

Then you can name your list and select what the privacy should be for your list. The privacy options can be:

  • Public (everyone can subscribe)
  • Friends only (only your friends can see and subscribe)
  • Only me (so only you can see the list)

Then hit Done.


Voila. You are all finished and you can now view your interest lists when you go into Facebook. It is a great way to stay productive on Facebook and only come on to view the information you want to see.

You can now click into your group and view your news feed along, you can add people to the list and Facebook will also make suggestions so you can easily add people to your list quickly.



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