How many times have you said to yourself ‘I wish I trusted my intuition’.

For me it has been too many times.

Thankfully in my six years in business it only happens on a rare occasion. Each time I have ignored my intuition I have come to regret it later and also pay a large price for it.

Today was my light bulb moment after a particular difficult situation with a client.

I NEED to follow and trust my intuition every single time. No more ignoring it and pushing that feeling away.

You know that guiding light inside of you that is telling you (sometimes screaming at you) to avoid a certain situation or client.

Right from the start there were warning bells that I never should have ignored (which is a whole new blog post in itself). Big, HUGE red flags, screaming at me from within that I need to say no to this potential client.

But you know, at the time I really needed the business so I ignored my inner self telling me to say NO and said YES.

Any way long story short, the project went pear shaped and now I am sitting here regretting my decision to ignore my intuition.

I like to think that I have good instincts and a great judge of character, so I definitely need to learn to trust myself more than I do currently.

Your intuition is there for a reason, it is there to guide and protect you. Most business owners have a great sense of intuition but how many actually follow it.

My mission is to never ignore my inner self again and to be aware of that gut feeling telling me what I should do. I need to learn to trust myself and know that I am making the right choice for me.


Have you ever regretted ignoring your intuition?

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