Case Study

Giving back: Website for Claws ‘N’ Paws

We often donate websites to charities who need help with creating a website, it is something we like to do to give back to the community. Our most recent website we donated was to the animal rescue company Claws ‘N’

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The personal profile vs business page debate

Facebook announced a few months ago that they are cracking down on people using Facebook incorrectly, this includes spammers, fake accounts, personal accounts for your animals (yes some people actually do this) and also for those using a personal profile

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I want to be found on Google!

We create a lot of websites for our clients and the most common question is without a doubt is… How do I get found on Google? The good news is, it is reasonably easy to be found on Google. However,

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Facebook Page Admins Have New Roles

  We wrote an article last month about page admins for Facebook pages. There is a new Facebook feature for page admins, that we are LOVING. Facebook have released Facebook Admin Roles, meaning you can limit how much your page

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