How to deal with negative feedback on Social Media

how to manage feedback on facebook

When managing a community on Social Media, at one point or another you will unfortunately come up against negative reviews or feedback. As with everything on Social Media the feedback is usually done publicly on your business page. Take a current client we have been working with recently. The majority of time we are engaging with happy customers and […]

Quick, easy and effective marketing ideas

How often do you market your business? Is it something that you proactively do each day? Actively marketing your business each day is a wonderful thing to build into your daily routine. By doing so, will ensure you survive the slumps in business. We recommend that you should do at least one marketing activity each day – if […]

Create your own professional images for your website

Here is a simple and easy to follow tutorial for creating custom images for your website. Creating your own images means you can use the images on your website and social media without worrying about copyright infringement. Plus they will make your brand authentic without using stock images (not that there is anything wrong with […]

Why done is better than perfect

I have designed a lot of websites in my time. In my experience the main thing that causes delays in a website project is content. Some people spend months and months writing their content and waiting until it is perfect. In the meantime the project continues to be delayed and in the end it can […]

Facebook page redesign is being rolled out

Facebook is rolling out a new streamlined look for business pages. The new looks will mirror the new personal profile layout. The new look definitely looks much cleaner and very slick design-wise. Usability for page admins also has improved. Timeline Design on Right The new look page has the timeline running down the right only. […]

Building credibility with your website

When you are building a website for a service based business you want to create a credible website that potential clients will want to buy from. Potential clients are only looking for two things when looking to work with a serviced based business: Trying to find an expert in that field Looking for someone who […]

How to come up with content for your blog

We love blogging and we recommend it to most of our clients who want to increase the traffic flow on their website. However, most of our clients worry that they can’t create any content. They don’t know what to write about or worry that they don’t have much to say about their business. But guess […]

Important information you need to know about your website

When you have a website for your business there are some important things you need to know. Your website is an important part of your business and you really need to be in control of your own Intellectual Property (IP). So many people do not know who their website is hosted with or where they bought […]

Important WordPress Security Update: Upgrade Your Site Today

As with most large WordPress releases, there are a few bugs and fixes that need to be updated. WordPress 3.6.1 is the latest stable release and it is advised that all of our clients update their website to the newest version, which includes some important security fixes. WordPress 3.6.1 is also a security release for […]