I have joined the SPROUT Mastermind group and as part of our first assignment is all about being open about who we are.

This is a little bit more of a personal post than what I usually write so hopefully this will give you a little bit of an insight about what makes me tick.

So here are 20 things you didn’t know about me.

  1. I am a big kid at heart. I still love to eat fairy bread and jumping on a trampoline with my kids is one of my favourite past times. There are several photos where it is hard to tell who is having more fun jumping on the trampoline (me or the kids).
  2. The Baby Sitters Club and the Goosebumps series was my favourite book series as a little girl. I still love my books to this day and I still prefer to read a physical book rather than on the iPad.
  3. I experience Deja Vu all the time and it really freaks me out when it happens.
  4. When I was about 4 I thought the cigarette lighter in my parents car was a stamp. My poor sister still has the scar on her hand to show it.
  5. I lived in London for two years from 2005 to 2007, which is where I met my now husband. I was your typical young Aussie in London and frequented the Walkabouts and the pubs around London all the time. I still miss the London pub culture.
  6. I love to talk.. a lot! This one might not be a big secret though 🙂
  7. I have a ridiculously large family (who all love to talk as well) so our family gatherings are always a little crazy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  8. I still miss watching The OC on television and was absolutely devastated when they killed off Mischa Barton’s character when she decided to leave the show.
  9. I dream of writing novel one day. My favourite author is by far Jodi Picoult and I would one day love to write about really controversial topics in the way she does.
  10. Even though I talk a lot, I am actually quite introverted and can be shy when in a situation I am not comfortable in. I also care way too much about what others think of me which is something I am working on.
  11. I once lost my passport when I was travelling in Ireland luckily the hostel I stayed in found it and they tour company mailed it back to me. I am still surprised to this day that the officials at Dublin Airport even let me get on a flight back to England without my passport.
  12. Forrest Gump is one of my all time favourite movies. My favourite quote is still ‘life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what tyou are going to get’.
  13. My biggest hero’s in life are my parents. They have taught me so many amazing things through out life and I strive to be as down to earth as they are.
  14. I suffer from what is known as ‘Bright Shiny Object Syndrome’ and get easily distracted with new tools and gadgets.
  15. I am such a night owl and would much prefer to stay up until midnight and wake up at midday. My Mum has said I have been like this ever since I was a baby. I am trying to go to bed earlier but a 30 year old habit is really tough to break.
  16. I am a big day dreamer and quite often get so caught up in my day dreams that I will be making faces about the day dream.. only to realise that I am actually walking around in public and people give me weird looks.
  17. I have always wanted to work in marketing and I started a marketing degree when I was twenty. As it was correspondence I decided that it got in the way of my social life too much so I deferred and to this day I have never gone back. I am doing marketing now and I feel like I have learnt much more through running my own business than I ever would have learnt through my University course.
  18. I once saw a psychic who said that I would one day be a politician. Consider I don’t even like the politics that go along with every day life I highly doubt I will ever become a politician. Although there is still plenty of time for me to be wrong.
  19. I was 25 when I started my business and I have grown and changed immensely since starting my business. It was only ever going to be a hobby and now it something much more than that and this is something I am very proud of achieving.
  20. I love to sing and usually sing everywhere. The car is the main place I do sing though and I always get caught singing by other drivers singing my heart out.

So there you have it, some fun and random facts about me.

This was a really fun challenge and I actually came up with twenty things a little easier than I thought.

Why not give the 20 things you didn’t know about me challenge. I would love to know more 🙂

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